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Our Produtcs

Flexible Insulation

Flexible Insulation indicated for accessories (flanges, valves, filters, etc). Lines of Steam or other fluids up to 410 °C. System for easy application/removal and reusable.

  • Materials of construction:
    - Insulation rock wool or ceramic fiber with 30 to 100mm thick to 100Kg/m3 density (on the possibility of implementation at each site).
    - PTFE Teflon coating for weather resistance and washes.
    - Wire bake inert, sterile, inorganic, incombustible and free of "asbestos" multi-fiberglass with working temperatures up to 420 ° C.
    - Drawcord at the ends of the pieces inert, sterile, inorganic, non-combustible and free "asbestos" in multi-fiberglass with temperature up to 550 º C.
    - Velcro fastening parts in multi-fiberglass with working temperatures up to 220 ° C.
    - 5 year warranty.
    - Return on investment (guaranteed), 5 months to 14 months (by isolating the area) whereas in continuous operation (365 days / year).